3 of us...

3 of us...
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Literature Review..A Doctor In The House : Chapter 3: Part 3

·      If Malays become corrupt they may be financially persuaded to elect the governments that may be prepared to sell their birthright to the highest bidders, who are unlikely to be Malays.
·      The Malay people have notable weaknesses and defects. But they also display many attributes in which they can take pride. Among them is the fact that Malaysia is what it is today because of how well and generously the Malays have accommodated those who have made this country their home.
·      When I became Prime Minister in 1981, Malaysia had a population of 13 million, of whom seven million were Malays. Today the population is 25 million, nearly twice the number in 1981.
·      The Malays can do better. I know they can.
·      I pray, but I know that Allah will not change the fate of any people unless they seriously attempt to change it themselves.
·      I worry about the Malays and fear for their future, but does not change the fact that i am proud to be a Malay. I would not want to be anything else.
·      In earlier times a Roman, wherever he went in the world, was always proud to declare himself a Roman citizen. For my part I wanted to be able to go anywhere in the world and say with equal pride, “I am a Malay”.

Terjemahan Inggeris - Melayu

*      bidders – penawar-penawar
*      bid – tawar; bida
*      accommodated – menampung; memberi penginapan;  menyesuaikan diri
*      attempt – mencuba; berusaha melakukan atau mengatasi

Rujukan :
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