3 of us...

3 of us...
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Literature Review..A Doctor In The House : Chapter 3: Part 1

Salam all frens..
Now, saya akan postkan hasil literature review yg saya dah buat dlm tempoh seminggu..(utk dibentangkan semasa Mesy JK Pengurusan JPBD Trg esok..turn sy pulak..). Will be devided into 3 parts, ikut jumlah kertas A4 yg digunakan dan siap terjemahan lagi utk membantu saya dan juga rakan2 semua buat rujukan jika ada words yg x faham.. 

Apapun, I love reading this book, membuka minda dan menambah kefahaman saya terhadap negara dan pelbagai isu..dari persepsi seorang pemimpin kebanggaan dan kesayangan hamba..those yg anti beliau, x kisahlah..at least, sbg org muda (erm..dah 31) sy bangga menjadi rakyat Malaysia dan sy bangga dgn sejarah keturunan saya walau diawalnya agak memeritkan..Still, 59 chaps to go..moga terus diberi masa dan ruang utk saya menghabiskan buku ini (dalam masa yg sama di sebelah siangnya saya ada buku dan majalah lain utk dihabiskan, buku ini utk malam.. :-) ) 

A Doctor In The House : Chapter 3: Part 1

·      I am a Malay and am proud of it.
·      Those who say that a leader’s ethnicity or gender does not matter to the people are fooling themselves.
·      Only on 2008 US Presidential elections that a woman and an African-American became serious contenders for the post.
·      US only had one Roman Catholic leader who was John F. Kennedy.
·      In Britain only Benjamin Disraeli who renounced Judaism.
·      Britain has had no head of government or Prime Minister who was not white or Christian.
·      But I am a Malay not just on paper.
·      I am also a Malay in sentiment and in spirit. I identify completely with the Malays and their problems, their past and their present.
·      No one can deny that the Malays have been instrumental in making Malaysia what it is today because of their good and generous character.
·      Whatever their lack of expertise and skill, to my mind their great strength has been their willingness and ability to work with others.
·      Others may have had a special talent for commerce and business enterprise. We Malays demonstrated our own distinctive aptitude for social harmony and public administration.  That has been the basis of the country’s success.
·      Many other lands that the ethnic Europeans colonised experienced a protracted and violent struggle for liberation.
·      But the Malays appear to have accepted colonisation and foreign domination with equanimity.
·         Their resilience and adaptability have allowed the Malays to thrive in a world which has unfortunately borne witness to the disappearance of numerous other indigenous  peoples.
·      The natives peoples of the Americas and the Carribean, the aborigines of Australia and the Maoris of New Zealand have all but disappeared due to the onslaught of the ethnic Europeans. 
·      Because we survived that long history of dealing with powers greater than ourselves, we Malays were able in time to emerge as a people to take its fate into its own hand.
·      For this we are genuinely admired by many other newly independent nations, eg: Bosnians and Arabs.
·      All of the ethnic Malays in the region, the Malays in this country are today widely recognised as the most successful.
·      They have been able to administer and develop a multiracial country with an array of inherent problems and challenges.

Terjemahan Inggeris - Melayu
*    contenders – petanding-petanding
*    renounced – telah melepaskan, menolak
*    distinctive – tersendiri; yang membezakan
*    aptitude – bakat; kecenderungan;, kebolehan semula jadi
*    protracted – telah memanjangkan jangka
*    liberation - kebebasan
*    equanimity – ketenangan fikiran @ perasaan
*    resilience – kebingkasan;, ketahanan
*    thrive – berkembang dgn suburnya;
bertambah maju
*    borne - lihat
*    numerous - banyak
*    onslaught  - serangan hebat
*    array – mengatur;, menyusun; teratur

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