3 of us...

3 of us...
Hubby, Baby Kauthar n Me.. :-)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's Our Maika's Bags !


Morning all..juz simple entry, to share some pixies bout Maika's bags.. I'm so into it! Let us see.. :-)

My 1st Maika's bag.. ALLIUM..

Bought from Warna Etnik (tru FB  n price : not more than RM100.00)

For him..AGRO.. :-)

Again, for her.. (dat's me, of course! ngeh3x!).. FLOWER FALL BROWN.. ;-)

Both Agro n FFB bought from Dsaunaku @ ALLAfia Garment..also tru FB n I took 'em directly at the boutique which located @ Padang Midin.. (betul2 depan kem askar tu..)..can see the tag bout Maika..price : Agro not more than RM85 and FFB not more than RM70.. (sorry, can't reveal the real price cuz differ dealer got differ price..)  Dsaunaku took the bags straight away from Maika's HQ at East Java while Warna Etnik got it from Maika's Malaysia.. FYI.. ;-)

And looking forward for another one.. PERGOLA PINK!.. (Again?..hehehe)

So guys..check it out.. I love them cuz they are so gojes..cute..and the size is quite big..suitable for mommy like me! (Err..I'm considering them as our gadgets..pardon me! Ahah!) Chioww.. wassalam.. ;-)

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